1. Horizontal Card Reader

The new Series 4 dispesners feature a horizontal card reader for easier access. Optional RFID card reading capability has also been added in order to reach a wider range of customers.

Thanks to the Wineidea software you’ll be able to manage
your customers and all the aspects of your wine business.

  1. New Wine Tap Technology

Wineemotion’s goal has always been to find the best
solution to preserve and pour wine without altering the
taste. The latest version of our Wine Tap will serve this
pourpose even better, with a new motorized pump that
cleans all the residues from the nozzle. This will improve
wine preservation and dispenser reliabilty.

  1. Motion Sensor

In order to prolong the life of the displays and to save energy, new dispensers are equipped with a motion sensor that activates the displays only when people are actually around it.

  1. TFT Color Display

All SERIES 4 self service dispensers feature TFT color
displays. Now white and red wines can be quickly discerned
at a glance.

  1. Quiet Cooling

Silent, reliable and powerful, the new cooling system will
keep your wines at the right temperature.

  1. Frontal air flow.

The new design with the frontal air flow allows the dispenser
to be fully encased without the need of leaving space on the
top or the back for more creative design solutions



Dispenser works in behind the bar mode (no wine card) or self service
with wine card (chip or RFID) or barcode reader.


Temperatures can be set from 6°C to 22°C


Up to three pour volumes through high quality mechanical buttons


Connection between modules and software through LAN wire and
WI/FI* with TCP/IP protocol.


Lifting system withpneumatic pistons.


Use of modern no-frost, noiseless professional cooling system.


Chip or RFID* cards.


Nitrogen or food grade Argon (cylinder or generator not included


Machine color can be customized, Front panel can be silkscreened*


Intelligent led RGB system for an infinite variety of color combinations.


Automatic lock activated by Smart Card or RFID*.


Glass doors are treated with a special coating that prevents condensation .

Dimensions and Weight

Width528mm | 20 13/16″
Height632mm | 24 7/8″
Depth398mm | 1511/16″
Weight42kg | 92.5lbs

Temperature Combinations

The perfect solution for tastings in small cellars, lounges, country clubs and hotels.

QUATTRO is the bottle wine dispenser designed for small businesses and wine tasting in the cellar. An elegant refrigerated display cabinet that combines careful design with important technological qualities. It can pour, as the name suggests, four bottles in a controlled climate area. Maximum silence, great efficiency and compact dimensions make this dispenser for pouring wine by the glass a precious resource for guaranteeing the quality of the wine product and eliminating waste.

The use of nitrogen or inert gas protects the wine from oxidation and preserves the taste for longer.

Designed to preserve, refrigerate and serve wines directly from the bottle to the glass, our wine dispensers guarantee the best quality of the wine product. The introduction of inert gases into the bottle, Nitrogen or Argon, allow the air to escape and thus prevent oxidation of the wine. For about four weeks the taste and aromas remain unchanged and each glass is served in the ideal condition to enhance the quality of the product. Nitrogen and Argon are inert, colorless and tasteless food grade gases.

Quotes and Information

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