Five bottle wine dispenser

The Series 3 features a wide range of models that meet the many needs of our customers. All the models have in common the high quality level and the versatility of the solutions. Used in self-service mode, thanks to the useful software WineIdea.
The models of the Series 3 are available in the “Standard” version with removable polycarbonate door, and in the “Plus” version with a double door in magnetically-closed glass *.
* The Plus version is available for 6-and 8-bottle models.

5 bottle wine dispenser and cooler

Five bottle wine dispenser

The model CINQUE combines quality, design, elegance and quiet operation at the top of its class. This commercial wine distributor has a uniquely controlled climatic area and allows the placement of five bottles in a compact and space-saving design. The Wineemotion CINQUE is recommended for small installations such as Country Club or lounge and is perfect for home use.


  • 5 Bottles
  • Room temperature, refrigerated or double temperature
  • 3 doses
  • High Sensitivity button control
  • Activated by the Wine card reader and Barcode *.
  • High Visibility Polycarbonate Door
  • LED Illumination-optional RGB (color) LED system
  • Digital Display
  • Seamless integration with Wineidea software
  • Front panel Key Lock
  • ISOL-Plus
Five bottle wine dispenser


Cinque Room TemperatureFive bottles, room temperature with optional polycarbonate door.
CinqueFive bottles, refrigerated with polycarbonate door.
Cinque Tre+2Five bottles, double temperature with single evaporator

Tech Specs

WIDTH677mm | 26,65in
HEIGHT632mm | 24,9in
DEPTH351mm | 13,83in
WEIGHT Room temp40kg | 77lbs
WEIGHT Controlled temp54kg | 119lbs


EU & WORLD 220VAC 50Hz
  • NSF 25
  • IEC 60335-1
  • IEC 60335-2-75
  • EC 60335-2-24

Five bottle wine dispenser

  • NSF 25
  • UL 751
  • UL 541
  • CSA C22.2 #128
Five bottle wine dispenser