Wineidea is now also available for Android, Apple, Windows Phone and Windows 8 RT. There are also a number of new Apps aimed for customer-experience

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LED Lighting

Particularly elegant and efficient LED lighting has a wide margin of adjustment available by providing a clear and captivating scenery in the tasting to request the 'RGB LED lighting for a perfect setting in custom lighting scenarios

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WineIDEA Wineemotion software allows management the ability to track sales. Extensive reporting allows analysis of data

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If you serve wine by the glass or are you considering this type of service WineEmotion systems are essential for you

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Products conform to strict standards

Sanitation NSF25 Safety UL541 UL751 Csa Std.C22.2 No.198-95

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ISOL-PLUS Tecnology

WineEmotion’s patented Total Isolation technology ISOL-PLUS preserves each bottle individually in its own pressurised atmosphere, avoiding cross aromatic contamination between each bottle – the only system with this feature.

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WINEEMOTION Wine dispensing system

technology at the service of wine


Guaranteed quality

Wine dispenser system The Wineemotion wine dispenser system enables you to serve wine at a perfect temperature, guaranteeing maximum hygiene standards thanks to its dispenser cleaning device.

Waste reduction

Wine dispenser system It is a matter of fact that once opened, the wine in a bottle is subjected to oxidation and waste which cause costs and profit losses. Wineemotion eliminates these problems completely by turning waste into profit.


Wine dispenser system Besides using inert gas to preserve wine against oxidation, Wineemotion uses the exclusive ISOL-PLUS system which preserves aroma and scents, keeping the bottles isolated from one another and the wine for up to 30 days.

Portion control

Wine dispenser system When staff serves wine, your profit is reduced because you cannot accurately control the serving dose.
Thanks to its technology Wineemotion offers levels of precision that can be programmed and repeated in time.