What can Wineemotion do for me?

The main goal of the Wineemotion dispenser is to  increase the profits while minimizing the losses, But let’s see how:

  • It reduces waste by using pre-set dosages;
  • Wineemotion allows to keep track of all of the transactions and stats thanks to the Wineidea software;
  • Increase the profits by rising the wine variety served by the glass, also including high end wines without worrying of them getting wasted.
  • Attract more passionate and wine savvy customers, always looking for the latest novelties in the wine world.

What’s the difference between Argon and Nitrogen?

Nitrogen and Argon are both inert gases, tasteless and colourless. From a preservaton point of view, they perform the same function. The choice of one or the other is due to the major availability in a particular area, for example, Nitrogen is used in Europe more, while Argon is preferred in the USA.

Why is Wineemotion the right choice?

Buying a Wine dispenser is an important and qualifying choice for a business.

Important because It is crucial that the dispenser is a high quality product that ensures wine preservation and the best experience for the customers; Qualifying since choosing to use a wine dispenser (even more if used in self-service mode), defines the identity of a business both from an image and a prestige point of view.

Wineemotion is the right choice as it combines elegance, keeping the bottles the center of the attention, high end functionality and guarantees for both the customers and the business owners, thanks to the strict controls that Wineemotion puts its dispensers through, in order to achieve the main international certifications.


How and for how long is the wine preserved?

The wine is preserved by introducing inert gas inside the bottle. The gases used are food grade Nitrogen or Argon. Both gases are used in the food industry to preserve food and beverages (modified atmosphere packaging), as they are odorless, tasteless and colorless.

Injecting inert gas into the bottle allows the escape of air (containing oxygen), preventing the oxidation of the wine.

In this way, the wine manages to keep its taste and its aromas unchanged for about four weeks. *

* Results may vary on different wines.

What is a Wine dispenser?

A Wine dispenser is a device made to preserve, cool and pour wines straight from the bottle to the glass.