Wineemotion Sei

Six bottles wine by the glass dispenser

Wineemotion Sei

Wineemotion Sei

Six bottles wine by the glass dispenser

Wineemotion Sei

A wide range of models that meet the diverse needs of our customers characterizes the Series 3.

All models have in common the high quality and versatility of the solutions. The elegance and wide customization possibilities of the dispensers make them the ideal for any environment regardless of the style.

All Dispensers of series 3 can be used in self-service mode, thanks to extremely versatile WineIdea software.
Series 3 models are available in both the “Standard” version with the polycarbonate door, and the “Plus” version with double magnetic seal glass door*.


* The “Plus” version is available for the 6 and 8 bottles


The WineEmotion SEI is a sleek and reliable wine dispenser and preservation system for commercial use. SEI has an unparalleled technology and features two temperature-controlled chambers. It is elegantly designed and engineered to handle the rigors of a commercial setting. SEI was built to increase profits and reduce waste to enhance any wine by the glass program while enhancing decor. The SEI can also be customized to make your Wineemotion unique for your business.



  • 6 Bottle Positions
  • Available as refrigerated or double temperature
  • 3 Volume Pour Control
  • High sensitivity button Control
  • Activated by Wine card and Barcode* reader.
  • Double glass door.
  • LED Lighting - Optional Rgb (color) led system
  • Digital Display
  • Perfect integration with the Wineidea Software
  • Key Lock on Front Panel
  • ISOL- Plus




 plusSix Bottles, refrigerated with glass magnetic double door.
 plusSix Bottles, double temperature with glass magnetic double door 3+3
 plusSix Bottles, double temperature with glass magnetic  double door 2+4

Tech Specs

WIDTH779mm | 30,67in
HEIGHT632mm | 24,9in
DEPTH351mm | 13,83in
WEIGHT Contr Temp54kg | 119lbs


EU & WORLD 220VAC 50Hz

  • NSF 25
  • IEC 60335-1
  • IEC 60335-2-75
  • EC 60335-2-24


  • NSF 25
  • UL 751
  • UL 541
  • CSA C22.2 #128