Technological excellence, valuable materials, ecology and design. Perfect combination.

This innovative series combines careful design and high modularity with exceptional quality of operation for straightforward, professional use.
Special, fully customizable details make each machine emblematic of true Italian craftsmanship and suitable for any type of use and environment.

Pick your model 


The model QUATTRO + 4 permits, even if with inside extremely compacted dimensions, the realization of two climatic areas, that can be dedicated
to two different kinds of wine, like white ones and the red ones. Through the flex technology it is also possible to manage both the classical
solution 4+4 and the new solution 5+3. Particular care has been dedicated to the refrigerant section, that use the best technologies, making the
dispenser extremely performance in every kind of climatic conditions our cold section.


The OTTO model contains a high technology in an elegant and modern design. This machine can be used in every place, thanks above all to its
self service use with wine card technology or finger print, that has revolutionized the way to drink wine. A particular care has been dedicated
to the refrigerant section, that integrates the best existent technologies, conferring high performances to the machine in every kind of climatic


The CINQUE model combines quality, design, elegance, silent functioning at the top of the category.
This machine, with a unique climatic area, allows the placement of five bottles, in an extreme reduced place. It is suggested to little installations
and it is perfect for a domestic use or in show rooms.

Main features 

ISOL plus

Wine dispenser system - ISOL plus

Our technology "ISOL plus" allows total isolation of all the bottles, it is particularly important in machines with dual climate chamber for red and white wines.

Card reader

Wine dispenser system - Card reader

The magnetic/RFID card reader permits easy access to all the functions of the machine.

Dispensing valve

Wine dispenser system - Dispensing valve

Particular care has been taken in regards to the design of the dispensing tap, combining the best technologies for cleaning and maintenance as well as the innovative “ISOL plus” system for the total insulation of the bottles.

Screen printing

Wine dispenser system - Screen printing

The screen printing on the front of the dispenser is tailored to the specific needs of the client.
There are 3 different basic screen printing textures.
Upon request, these can, however, be customized by the Artwork department to offer the client alternative possibilities.

Display unit

Wine dispenser system - Display unit

The display unit is designed to offer maximum functionality.
The mechanical buttons for operating the unit are of exceptional quality and strength and particularly resistant to wear and tear.
The custom-made screen printed writing and graphical LCD display, which permits full control of the on-screen data, are also very elegant.
The discrete mechanical nature of the buttons and display permits optimal exploitation of the main protagonist: the wine



Wine dispenser system - Feeding

Nitrogen or food argon (cylinder and generator not included).

Network connection

Wine dispenser system - Network connection

Connection between forms through LAN wire and WI/FI with TCP/IP protocol. (Optional)


Wine dispenser system - Control

The dispenser is available with a key lock.


Wine dispenser system - Doses

One or three depicted doses with high quality mechanical keys.


Wine dispenser system - Fingerprint

The dispenser is also available with biometrical identification system. (Optional)

Led illumination

Wine dispenser system - Led illumination

Intelligent led RGB system for an infinite variety of locations.

Available models

Wine dispenser system - Available models

Cinque (5 bottles in line, ambient temperature or with refrigeration system).
Otto (8 bottles in line, ambient temperature or with refrigeration system).
Quattro+4 (8 bottles in line, is equipped with a double climatic chamber).


Wine dispenser system - Customizations

The dispenser, as well as lots of colorings, has a cover in wood essences and serigraphic frontals.

Personalized serigraphs

Wine dispenser system - Personalized serigraphs

Graphic personalized project.

Refrigeration system

Wine dispenser system - Refrigeration system

Use of modern professional cooling system highly high-performance. (Optional)

Lifting bottles system

Wine dispenser system - Lifting bottles system

The lifting system with pneumatic pistons normally wide.

Flex technology

Wine dispenser system - Flex technology

Through the flex technology it is also possible to manage both the classical solution 4+4 and the new solution 5+3. (Optional)

Service temperature

Wine dispenser system - Service temperature

Checked temperature from 6° to 18°. The dispenser of 4+4 is equipped with a double climatic chamber in order to manage at the same time red and white wines.

Use and activation of the system

Wine dispenser system - Use and activation of the system

Dispenser may be managed from behind the bar (without the wine card), self service (with wine card) and exclusive with finger print.

Wine card

Wine dispenser system - Wine card

The dispenser is also available with Chip card e RFID system.